I’m still nervous about the physicality. How fit should I be?

Look, I won’t sugarcoat it. This is rugged territory, ladies! One look at Lofoten’s jagged mountains and you’ll want to let out your bestest Viking yawp. The word flat takes on a whole new meaning, and there is little to none of it. But these hikes are all “doable” for someone with an active degree of fitness, assuming your knees/ankles can tolerate steep inclines and rough descents. Expect a moderate degree of exposure along some of the ridges, and some scrambling. Please consult with your doctor if you have any concerns about your physicality.

Our adventure includes 7 days of shorter but often intense hiking. (We suggest a solid Netflix binge while stair-climbing well in advance of your G’WA.)
The better shape you’re in the more fun you’ll have!

If you have access to hiking trails in hilly or mountainous terrain, this is the ideal way to train. If not, we recommend using the Stairmaster machine (I wasn’t kidding) with rotating stairs or actually training on stairs. Nothing prepares you for a trip better than the activity itself!

Train at least 3 days a week. Start with short hikes or workouts (1 hour in length) with a light daypack. From week to week build the length and intensity of your hikes/workouts and gradually increase your pack weight until you’re comfortably able to hike 6-8 hours a day carrying the weight you’ll have on your trip. It’s best to begin your training regimen at least 12 weeks prior to your trip. Also be sure to use the boots you’ll have on your trip to break them in.


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