I’m still nervous about the physicality. How fit should I be?

My vision for these Global Walking Adventures (G’WAs) was not to attract elite athletes or hard-core adventure types. If you’re looking for something like that, we are not the company for you. The vision for She Walks the Walk is to design and lead a pilgrimage-type adventure that stirs the senses, awakens the dormant spirit and challenges your body in a reasonable way. Are you comfortable walking for 4-6 hours per day over varying terrain? Some level of cardiovascular fitness will enhance your comfort during the G’WA experience. Prior trekking/mountaineering experience is unnecessary. The ascent of M’Goun is not technical, though you should expect some steep sections along rocky terrain. Bottom line: we would not want you to deny yourself this incredible inner/outer journey just because you think you’re out of shape. We will provide you with a suggested Preparation Guide in advance, so that you can arrive with a sense of confidence. And, you can always Contact Me with any questions you have.

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