What happens if I can’t finish the walk due to injury or sickness?

Norway as a country has a phenomenal healthcare system, and although these islands are remote, we aren’t going to be lost in the wilderness. The next town is always a short distance away. 

All participants are required to purchase mandatory Emergency Travel Health Insurance (minimum $200,000 of coverage), including coverage specific to hiking. While we hope that nothing untoward will come your way, shit can happen. The islands are tiny and the nearest clinic/hospital may be a bit of a drive away. 

Rest assured, if something major happens, your travel insurance will be there to help pick up the pieces. But it’s a wise idea to have a back-up plan should you have nothing left in the tank for the following day’ hike. 

We have you covered if you decide you need to leave the scheduled itinerary for some R & R. You should be able to remain at our hotel (inns/rorbuer) or, if we are changing accommodation, we may be able to transfer you to the next location (if a taxi is necessary this is at your own expense).

We will discuss insurance in more detail during our meeting.

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