What happens if I can’t finish the G’WA due to injury or sickness? What happens if I need to get home in the event of an emergency?

Evacuation from the Middle of Nowhere is a real possibility you should consider. We do not take this risk lightly, which is why all G’WA participants are required to carry Emergency Travel Insurance. Given the altitude and the physicality of the adventure, you will want to purchase coverage that does not exclude trekking over 3,000 metres (10,000 feet). We can assist you to ensure you purchase appropriate and reliable protection, just in case. This is Sam’s area of expertise, and while we don’t anticipate any issues, this insurance is a hard requirement.

Morocco’s culture embraces the idea of “no problem is too big”. Our adventure has been designed with varying exit points to allow for safe and convenient re-entry to Marrakech should you find you need to leave the G’WA for unexpected reasons.

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