What is the food like?

Dinners are superb, with mostly fish and seafood in Lofoten. Norway’s cuisine features various seafood and rustic elements of their Scandinavian heritage. If, for example, you are vegetarian you may request the omission of seafood. The guide will make sure guests’ food preferences are accounted for. The meals are often on a set menu, so guests should come expecting to be served a particular special each day. The ability to choose your meal off a menu depends on the restaurant we are eating at and can be organized beforehand.


Breakfast: Muesli. Warm oatmeal. Nuts. Jam. Bread. Cheese. Meats. Sometimes Fish. Limited veggies. Limited fruit. Sometimes an option for eggs. Coffee and tea.

Lunch: Norwegians eat Matpakke, which is a cold lunch made from breakfast supplies. Typically, guests make sandwiches with cheese, meat, peppers and cucumber. We will have a few days where guests experience traditional Norwegian Matpakke and a few days where guides will make custom lunches for the group. Wraps, picnic style, spreads, warm soup in thermoses, local specialties (reindeer sausage, dried fish, mackerel, Norwegian chocolate, etc.).

Dinner: Dinners will be 3-course warm and local meals. Guests can expect a lot of fish in Lofoten (famous for fish) and seafood such as shrimps, oysters, clams, etc… Sometimes guests will see whale on the menu, which can upset some people. We do not order this on a set menu unless guests request it. Most restaurants require groups to have a set menu without choice or limited choices. This is very common in smaller tourist destinations in Norway. Our team/guides try to limit this as much as possible, but is usually not fully avoidable on trips.

Norway has a simple mentality about breakfasts and lunches. As visitors to Norway, it’s important for us to understand the food we are eating is traditional Norwegian fare.

We will try to accommodate vegan, vegetarian, kosher (except strict kosher) and non-gluten diets and make adjustments for food allergies. These and other special dietary requests may require an additional fee. Please inquire with us for more information if you have specific needs.

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