What is the food like?

Your meals will be cooked fresh morning, noon, and night. The food in Morocco is exceptional – and healthy! You will enjoy an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables along with freshly baked Moroccan breads, tagines (think the most aromatic stew you’ve ever tasted!), couscous dishes, and soups. Breakfasts are typically cheese and/or jams with breads, coffee, tea, and juice. Snacks like dates and nuts are provided mid-morning. Lunch usually consists of a large salad followed by pasta and fruit for dessert. Dinners are more elaborate affairs with a soup to start, and a main course of a tagine (potatoes, beans, couscous, chicken). We will accommodate most dietary restrictions. Protein is widely available though not always as meat. During the urban portions of the trek, the cuisine opens up to include an array of Morocco’s other culinary delights.

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