What is up with the water situation?

Jordan has a simultaneous dual crisis unfolding: a rampant plastic pollution alongside a critical shortage of water. SWTW is extremely concerned! During our scouting expedition in the fall of 2022, we were shocked at the volume of bottled water we saw in circulation, driven mainly by the tourism and out-of-home sector. The problems here are aggravated by a structural lack of recycling options. The kingdom is struggling. Plastic is strewn all over the country, even in the most remote corners of the desert.

As we do not recommend you drink the tap water, we’ll be supplying all your water needs throughout the adventure. We will require you to bring your own purification tablets. Part of our mission is to work with organizations who share our values when it comes to limiting the carbon footprint. We’ll be providing more detailed information on this as our adventure draws closer.


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