Why did you leave your career as a financial advisor?

Because after 16 years, I finally figured out I wasn’t being true to myself. The tricky part was I had everything to be grateful for – wonderful clients, a solid income, and the chance to work alongside one of my favourite people, my Dad. I was lucky! On the inside, though, I crumbled. I longed to speak my truth and break free, but the industry made it almost impossible. I felt controlled and under continual pressure to produce. I had become a well-dressed little hamster, chasing dangling carrots at the end of an ever-turning treadmill. But I was oblivious to the slow and steady erosion of myself. It took some time to rationalize where my real values lay. I had to come to terms with what matters to me most: purpose and intention. I also realized that if we don’t like something in our lives, there is always another choice to make if only we can see clearly.

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