Why did you start SWTW?

Women today are pulled in competing directions with an expectation to nail it all. We are often exhausted and unfulfilled, but would honestly rather endure a back-to-back root canal/PAP smear than admit our dissatisfaction. We’ve come so far, and we worry that to face any of this could potentially unwind all our progress. Besides, who wants to hear us whine when we’ve achieved so much already?

Speaking personally, I felt trapped in a life I dove head-first into. They were all my choices, but I felt somehow cheated. I had devoted myself to becoming the woman who had it all and in the process lost myself. Women shoulder an abundance of guilt and shame for second-guessing their choices. We’re often disillusioned by the bill of goods we were sold – weren’t we taught we could have it all? So why aren’t we happy? I’ve been fortunate to find my way onto a new path, one I’m creating exclusively on my terms.

My mission is to teach exhausted career women how to write their own rules to happiness. I illuminate their other choices. And help them find their way back to themselves

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