Hey, sister.

It's a never-ending treadmill. But She Walks the Walk can show you how to get onto your own path.

I feel like I know you so well. Welcome to my safe space. You’re invited to let it all hang out — literally, no bra required! Ratty flannels encouraged.

Let me guess something about you — you’re depleted AF right now. You still have a list of 67 things to do, but you can’t wrap your head around finishing just one. It’s a never-ending treadmill. What you really want to do is lock yourself in the closet with a bottle of Shiraz, two sleeves of Pringles, and a 10-episode season of the latest Netflix craze.

Hey, no judgment here. (In fact, pass me a glass!)

Who are you trying to fool?

The thing about treadmills though is that it seems like we’re getting lots done when really we’re not moving anywhere at all. Sadly, we’re fooling a lot of people with this ‘fake it til you make it’ business. But you’re not fooling me. And you’re certainly not fooling yourself!

So what are we going to do about it?

Get off the treadmill and start living your authentic life!
She Walks the Walk is about taking back control.

She Walks the Walk is About You Taking Back Control

This is me saying, Just stop! My mission is to give you the tools to rediscover yourself in an inspired environment, far from anywhere you’ve ever been. Part of that is through weekly words and inspirations to help you make the most of your now. There are so many women like you who are struggling to get off the treadmill. (You may not be surprised to hear that some women even like the treadmill because it’s easy and familiar like a worn comfort blanket…)

We’ll focus on doing little things with big impact as well, looking at our lives in different ways and changing how we approach the chaos around us.

Global Walking Adventures

I also design and lead what I call G’WAs (Global Walking Adventures). These are the big journeys! A G’WA is similar to the Camino pilgrimage in that we will:

  • Walk with intent
  • Walk in a different part of the world
  • Take ourselves outside our comfort zone
  • Challenge ourselves in ways we didn’t know were possible
  • Come back refreshed, renewed, and rediscovered

Even though a G’WA is a physical journey, it is actually a pilgrimage to your inner self so you can learn more about you. We’ll all walk the walk together, a group of like-minded women who can support each other along our own paths to self-discovery.

We’ll all come back with improved self-awareness, a better understanding of what we need to change in our lives, and greater courage to make those changes happen. We will have the tools we need to take back control and start living the lives we truly want to live!

Find out where we’re going next! Global Walking Adventures

Sam Plavins takes women on Global Walking Adventures (GWAs).

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