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My first Alt Summit experience.

Ever wondered about Alt Summit?

The math, magic and madness of investing in YOURSELF.

Taking a risk on myself has been the craziest roller-coaster of my life.

How hiking in Guatemala blew my mind!

Hiking in Guatemala blew my mind.

10 Reasons to Say YES to Adventure!

Can adventure change your life? Here are ten reasons to say YES!

The trouble with ambition

Ambition is a gift... or is it?

So she walked to the forest.

Can walking heal us? It healed Emma and her decades-long struggle with weight and addiction.

Surviving or thriving: you decide.

Are we aiming too high or too low? Is survival really good enough?

She walked away from Corporate America.

She was at the end of her rope, running on a treadmill with corporate America. But she walked away and hasn't looked back.

Why I bought the teacup earrings.

I bought the damn earrings. And they will never go with my mostly-hiking-attire wardrobe.

My painful relationship with Social Media.

A vomit of insecurity started rising in my throat when I decided to wander onto Facebook this morning.

But, is it hard?

The hardest part of adventure is not in the doing. It's in the deciding to do.

Where did I go? Or, how to find yourself when feeling lost.

I clinged to my busy-ness as my identity of choice. But it's not who I was. And it isn't who I am.

The Slamming Door

Why don't we talk more about our vulnerabilities? They're part of life. And a part of the human experience.

When you’re a human feeling, not just a human being.

I'm annoyed by the tears these days, but Deepak says it's the body releasing stress.

I watch the figs die.

If Saoirse Ibargüen can accept that her worth doesn't come from anyone’s perceptions of her achievements and losses, then she can focus on what really matters to her: the people she loves. Perhaps on that list of people, she’ll even add her own name someday.

Could it really be this simple?

In the outdoors, being capable is valued over being poised. And Danielle Baker is capable as fuck.

Finding her rhythm on Canada’s Bruce Trail.

Kendra Slagter finds a new rhythm with herself, and her dad, on the Bruce Trail.

Hopping over the dog vomit.

Hopping over the dog vomit: a metaphor for the January blues.

On humanity, hope & belonging.

It's a mess, but humanity is looking for a way out. Humanity, is persevering.

Do you ever feel haunted?

A co-authored piece by Sam Plavins & Melissa Dafoe, MSW, on facing our ghosts of the past.

From surviving to thriving… Brea Griffith’s epic story.

An elite athlete's journey through chronic illness, homelessness, and a faith that ultimately changed her life.

Are you gunning for all A’s?

As long as we're human, we're going to suck at many things. And that has to be ok.

I stopped chasing money.

Why I stopped chasing money, and what I now know about happiness.

When you lose your sh**.

It's ok. We all lose it from time to time.

What the psychic told the pilgrim.

Do you believe everything happens for a reason? I do.

We will be judged.

How much stock do you put in someone's judgement of you?

Defining the Line.

Are we setting men up for future behaviour where they don't clearly know our boundaries?

This doesn’t affect me, so…

We are all connected. It's time to move past complacency.

Laying to rest: Rich Bitch.

My awkward relationship with money is finally healed.

Lowered expectations.

The bar has officially been set very, very low. We are limping along.

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