Next Start Date: July 15th, 2024

Thinking of a career change? But the whole idea of just walking away from everything you’ve built leaves you fraught with panic?

CrossRoads is a self-guided, community-based course aimed at helping successful career women take that difficult first step towards a new direction.

I’ve walked that balance beam myself in my past corporate life. I’ve felt the fears and made the tough choices, too. And let me tell you, changing my path made all the difference.

If you’re overwhelmed and can’t see the path before you, CrossRoads will help you maintain your balance with flourish as you navigate your biggest career, family and life challenges.

Who is CrossRoads for?

Any of this sound familiar?

  • you feel stuck on the same damn treadmill
  • you are drowning in a high-pressured career
  • you long to do something different
  • you sense yourself breaking down
  • you are scared of change
  • you are scared of “throwing away” years of hard work
  • you care deeply about the quality of your life
  • you Google, “starting over at x-age”
  • on paper, it seems like you have it all!
  • you wonder if it’s possible to start fresh

I feel you! And I’ve got your back. I learned my lessons the hard way, but you have the opportunity to take a shortcut to your new path. I designed the CrossRoads course to take all the things I learned along the way to give other women a hand up to the level they want to get to. It’s exactly the type of course I wish I had when I was looking for a lifeline!

So do yourself a favour. Take my hand. We’ll get through this together.

What’s Included?

Your time is already at a premium. That’s why I’ve designed this program to offer the following:

Self-paced Learning: Breeze through the content quickly (we don’t recommend this!) or feel free to lolly-gag. You’ll have lifetime access and always be able to return for more nourishment and review. 

Practical Tools: CrossRoads has three built-in assessment tools aimed at giving you greater insight into who you are, and what’s at play. Wouldn’t you love to know where you most naturally thrive? Or what your actual core strengths are? How about tapping into your own intuition for the clarity you seek? CrossRoads will give you that missing insight to help you take those first brave steps. 

Authentic Community:  While friends, family and life partners can be supportive, they may not always allow for a truly safe space to talk through all the things that come up in our journeys. We’re keeping it real in our SWTW community! No BS and no weird algorithms. Come as you are and know you’re surrounded by women who get it — because they’re making the same life changes you are. 

Bi-Weekly Check-ins: We’re here to nudge each other forward and lift each other up. Find ways to help each other think bigger, reframe our challenges, and stay curious.

Let’s get started so we can face that CrossRoads together. This Spring, 2024!

For those seeking change, this time is your time! ​My courses will help you rediscover that woman who’s been buried under layers of responsibilities. Do you remember her? She used to be full of vitality and laughter. She radiated confidence and definitely wasn’t so cynical.  

We’ll also re-frame your New Normal, because — let’s face it — homeschooling and leading Zoom meetings from your kitchen table is not exactly the kind of balance you’ve been asking for! More than ever our boundaries blur together, requiring the utmost in discipline to feel like we are serving the people we love (and ourselves!) in the most effective ways possible.  

It’s a challenge, but ​this does not need to be some misery marathon! With grace, ​and the implementation of small but strategic new habits, we can bring ourselves into alignment with what we actually want for this one and only life we’ve got.   

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