A self-guided, community-based course aimed at helping successful career women take that difficult first step towards a new direction.

Are You having a Career Crisis?

Is your job draining you? Has excitement and possibility morphed into apathy? Maybe even anxiety? Do you feel a toll on your personal life while simultaneously crushing your goals at the office?

Maybe you’re questioning if you’re in the right place to begin with. Should you stay, should you go, should you do something entirely different?

Welcome to CrossROADS—that feeling of being stuck between two worlds… The one that you know, and the one yet undiscovered.

“I can’t be the only one who feels this way.”

Facts: most of us reach a point in life where meaning and impact matter as much, if not more, than money. We long to spend our time making a real difference. We crave fun. We miss feeling inspired.

We become sick and tired of being sick and tired.

CrossROADS is a seven-week, self-paced online program designed to help you get unstuck and take those first steps toward change. Capped to ten participants per session, Sam guides you through the seven CrossROADS stages she’s identified following her own career crisis in 2019. The program is a fulsome discovery of self, with community support, bi-weekly Group Huddles, meditations and more.

Move from your ‘Routine of Dread’ to sparks of fresh light when surrounded by other women facing the same. Benefit from a safe, dedicated space off social media to share your deepest insecurities and brainstorm solutions to all the what-ifs. Challenge your thinking. Get Clarity. Find Courage. And access an aligned new Community.

Praise for Crossroads

It was fantastic and very insightful. The modules really posed questions that I hadn’t thought of and helped me think through a lot of decisions.

— Nicole, North Carolina

What’s Included:

CrossROADS is designed to be completed in seven weeks, but the material is available in perpetuity. Your investment of time and emotional energy is pegged at 2-3 hours per week. Like all things, you get out what you put in. A commitment to CrossROADS includes:

  • Seven modules, a new one released each week
  • Bi-weekly Group HUDDLE zooms on the 1, 3, 5, 7th Saturday of the program
  • Dedicated online community off social media
  • Weekly meditations aligned with the Seven Stages of Career CrossROADS
  • A powerful Past/Present/Future tarot reading to tap into your intuition
  • A Strengths and Shadows Finder™ Assessment Report
  • Thought-provoking journal prompts
  • Unlimited Voxer support with Sam
  • Pre/Post private sessions with Sam
  • Individual and group confidentiality

What are the Seven Stages of
Career CrossROADS?

Sam understands firsthand the confusion you’re feeling. She’s been there, done that, and wished she’d had some handles to help her navigate the tricky business of starting over. Will I have enough money if I make a change? How do I cope with the uncertainty of it all? For anyone contemplating a big leap, she’s identified the following stages:

  1. Acceptance: I am at a CrossROADS.
  2. Confusion: But how did I get here?
  3. Overwhelm: What’s my new path?
  4. Fear: Too scared to leap.
  5. Commitment: Deciding to Cross.
  6. Journey: The phases you’ll face.
  7. Handles: GPS tools so you don’t get lost.

Praise for Crossroads

WOW! CrossROADS really exceeded my expectations! This is an opportunity to step back from your day-to-day life and think deeply about where you’ve been and where you’re going. With the help of an amazing, caring community, you can process your thoughts and feelings and start becoming the person you’re meant to be.

— Kristin, Virginia

Outcomes: the Other Side of Your CrossROADS

Finally feel seen and witnessed in a safe space to talk about all the things that come up in our journeys. Enjoy an ongoing sense of connection with other women who get it—because they’re navigating tough life choices, too. Our community keeps it real. No BS. No weird algorithms.

Greater insight into who you are and what’s at play. See the possibilities for your future and feel stronger through our grounded meditation practice. 100% of participants felt increased clarity, understanding where they most naturally thrive and having tapped into their intuition.

Move from contemplation to preparation and begin to take powerful steps forward. Learn from our coping strategies as you push through fear and walk towards uncertainty.

Boosted self-esteem from the wisdom gained walking all seven stages of CrossROADS. Knowledge is power. The deep inner work you’re asked to do will help you anticipate surprises down the road.

Praise for Crossroads

There are many middle-aged women struggling with the same question – what’s next?! And there is power and magic when they gather to support each other in the journey to answering that question.

— Katie, New Hampshire

What’s the Cost?

CrossROADS relies on the intimacy of Small Group Sharing / Coaching. Space is limited to ten participants per cohort. Each graduating cohort will benefit from joining the last community of CrossROADERS. Keep your momentum, and stay in the Community.

  • 7-weeks of online modules
  • Access to private community through Mighty Networks
  • Online support
  • Bi-weekly Group HUDDLES
  • Everything in CrossROADS Light, PLUS:
  • Strengths & Shadows Finder ™ Inventory Report
  • Past, Present, Future Tarot Reading
  • 7-weeks of online modules

This option is all about the tools! Identify your top Strengths and corresponding Shadows—how can you leverage what comes naturally while watching for those blindspots? Past CrossROADS participants found the Tarot reading one of the single “most valued” add-ons, providing new ideas and validation on gut instincts.

  • Everything in CrossROADS Light, and Expansion, PLUS:
  • Unlimited Voxer support with Sam
  • Pre / Post private sessions with Sam

Ready to dig in and be held accountable? Voxer provides a direct lifeline to Sam utilizing a simple, walkie-talkie app. Share your epiphanies, or work through a challenging task. Sam’s Pre/Post CrossROADS session will chart your course with appropriate goals and help you identify the specific obstacles keeping you stuck.

Why Sam Understands You

Sam has been a champion of women’s mental health since her first nervous breakdown at 27. Having endured a significant career change at 30 and additional years of burnout, Sam understands what it means to be done. Like, DONE, done. She’s been down the road of loving her career, hating her career, and wanting to chuck it all. She’s meditated. Taken courses. Medication. And furthered her professional development. But nothing seemed to work.

So Sam carried on, ashamed for even wanting to make a change. Why couldn’t she just feel grateful for the success she’d realized as a Financial Advisor? Why couldn’t she appreciate the good income and stability? Why was she crumbling inside?

The only thing that worked was walking away from everything she knew and starting FRESH. Sam credits her five weeks on the Camino de Santiago with giving her the courage to leave the world she knew and finally follow her heart.

But it wasn’t easy. It was like the world saw it coming and dished out curveball after curveball. She started a travel company two months before Covid. She ran for the hills from regulation only to realize she’d be mired in it again—just in a different industry.

Sam’s new path was fraught with uncertainty, discomfort and mistakes. It was also a lonely road. It was hard to find others who could relate to her desire to have another go. She vowed if she ever got the chance to help another woman push through her own CrossROADS, she’d take all those learnings and share them.

Today, Sam is active on the speaker circuit, advocating on behalf of burnt-out women everywhere. She is committed to interrupting what she calls the Productivity Hustle. As a certified Chopra-Institute Meditation Instructor, Sam designs guided meditations aimed to bring calm through quiet reflection. Together with her Global Walking Adventures, Sam’s main goal with CrossROADS is to get you off the treadmill and help you find peace.

Praise for Crossroads

Sam was ever-present support for our group and showed up in an authentic, kind, and compassionate way. This was the most I have journaled in over 4 years, and it reminded me how much clarity I gain in the process by putting things on paper. Also, the meditations were so peaceful and inspiring! She has the best Voice for guided meditations.

— Elisa, Ontario

What’s the Dealio—is this program right for me?

Okay, but still unsure if CrossROADS is right for you? See if any of this sounds familiar:

  • you feel stuck on the same damn treadmill
  • you are drowning in a high-pressured career
  • you long to do something different
  • you sense yourself breaking down
  • you are scared of change
  • you are scared of “throwing away” years of hard work
  • you care deeply about the quality of your life
  • you Google, “starting over at x-age”
  • on paper, it seems like you have it all!
  • you wonder if it’s possible to start fresh

I feel you! And I’ve got your back. I learned my lessons the hard way, but you have the opportunity to take a shortcut to your new path. I designed the CrossROADS course to take all the things I learned along the way to give other women a hand up to the level they want to get to. It’s exactly the type of course I wish I had when I was looking for a lifeline!


Sam’s CrossROADS program brought together a group of diverse women who are contemplating – what’s next in their life personally and/or professionally. It was inspiring, uplifting and fun to be witness to others struggles, wins and movement towards their goals. I enjoyed learning about my strengths and growth areas through the strengthsfinder assessment. I think Sam is an honest and down to earth coach and that made the experience extra special. I would highly recommend signing up for the CrossROADS program.

— Katie, New Hampshire


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