Women walking in the desert. She Walks the Walk offers epic walking adventures for women.
High in the treetops in Guatemala.

“Guatemala surpassed all my expectations!

— Adrienne

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Waterfall in Guatemala - Global Walking Adventures are women-only tours in which the inner personal journey is just as important and the adventure trek.

What’s a G’WA?

Global Walking Adventures, or G’WAs, as I affectionately call them, are epic walking adventures for women that I design and lead. Part mini-pilgrimage and part retreat, these travel experiences will pull you out of your current world and put you onto a path of self-discovery over a period of 7-10 days. The fact that G’WAs take place in a completely different culture helps shift your mindset. Your experience begins and ends with the questions: Who am I really and What do I need to change? Most G’WAs are women-only treks – adventure women walking together.

Our list of global G’WA locations have been hand-picked and previously road-tested by me and my team. The primary criteria for selection include:

  • Women’s adventure travel in place likely unfamiliar to you
  • A stunning landscape offering a challenging but doable walk
  • Support for a “leave-no-trace” footprint
  • Cultural vibrancy and openness of the people
  • Temperate climate avoiding extreme weather trends
Women travel group on the Jordan Trail.

What’s the Inside Track?

The Inside Track series of adventure treks, on the other hand, is a chance for you to explore future G’WAs along with me. I’m always on the lookout for new opportunities and new walking adventures. The Inside Track is not a G’WA – it is a walking adventure with vetted partners I like and trust. Basically, we become a women’s travel group discovering new paths together!

The main differences between a G’WA and the Inside Track:

  • The trek is led by another guide/tour group
  • They may be mixed groups (i.e., men and women)
  • We’ll be exploring new countries and cultures (at least, new to me!)
  • There won’t be any SWTW programming – though I’m sure we’ll have some awesome convos along the way!

Opportunities for adventure often come my way, and the Inside Track allows me to share those adventures with you.

Adrienne, part of the women travel groups to Guatemala with She Walks the Walk.

Guatemala surpassed all my expectations! The weather, terrain, people, food, and culture left me with such positive feelings. I knew going into the experience that I wasn’t in my best physical state and that the hike would be challenging. But I completed every step of it, surrounded by women, and a wonderful guide to encourage and support when I needed it. We were there for one another in such sincere ways, but for all intents and purposes, we were still just new acquaintances. I took so much from my time with the amazing women who journeyed with me, and from the people of Guatemala who taught me that the simple things in life are what matter, that I know I’m better for it. For anyone who is unsure if this experience is for them or questioning whether or not you can do it, the answers are resoundingly, yes! Thank you, Sam and team, for this lifelong gift.

— Adrienne

Adventure women walking in Guatemala with She Walks the Walk.

Upcoming Global Walking Adventures (G’WAs)

  • Guatemala
  • Wales
  • Morocco
  • Borneo
  • Iceland
  • Mongolia
  • Spain
  • Ecuador
  • Jordan
  • Lofoten Islands

What’s Happens on a Global Walking Adventure (G’WA)?

You will journey back to yourself and discover the woman you want to be.

Prepare to be stretched and enriched! Global Walking Adventures are immersive experiences that combine physical activities such as hiking and climbing with guided self-reflection. You will test your physical, emotional, and mental boundaries in some of the most stunning landscapes in the world including lush rainforests, active volcanoes, and rugged coastlines. You’ll experience the kindness and warmth of another culture. You will laugh like you haven’t in years. And you will cry, too (it’s ok, I’m a crier!). You will journey back to yourself and discover the woman you want to be.

G’WAs are designed for up to 12 like-minded women walking, all excited to journey their own roads to happiness. During the 7-10 day experiences, we will walk 50-80 km through varied living, breathing terrain. You can expect to be cushioned in a supportive but challenging environment. Accommodation will include a refined style of “glamping” along with boutique, eco-friendly hotels committed to sustainability and cultural authenticity. It’s like a women’s adventure retreat where we explore ourselves as much as we explore our exotic setting.

Following the walk are several days of structured inner reflection. You’ll come home with a new roadmap in hand to help you take action. Most importantly, you’ll come home with a new understanding and appreciation of your inner you.

Note: due to the intense nature of the program, we complete a thorough intake to ensure your understanding and determine suitability.

Example of luxury glamping - part of the women's adventure retreat with She Walks the Walk.
Sam and another woman walking in Guatemala on a Global Walking Adventure (G'WA).

Our Self-Discovery Approach

Self-discovery is a journey that never really ends. Sadly, many women feel that they are either too busy nurturing and supporting those they love or too scared to dig deep into their souls to uncover their truths.

With She Walks the Walk, I’ve developed a unique 5-stage approach that focuses the entire experience around two core elements: (1) an open heart and (2) an open mind.

What makes She Walks the Walk different is our belief that truth, change, and growth have the best shot when we are not entrenched in our everyday realities. We want to pull you out of the incessant chirping of your notifications, your work deadlines, and your familial responsibilities to give you an environment that will clear away the cobwebs to inspire new thinking.

Extraordinary impact

A Global Walking Adventure (G’WA) isn’t a magic pill for your pain. But it ​is​ about possibility and potential. We equip you with the tools you need in an inspired environment to wake up what is already inside you. You will return having:

  1. Strengthened your belief in self.
  2. Explored who you are at your core.
  3. Embraced adventure and uncertainty.
  4. Trusted your intuition and inner wisdom.
  5. Increased personal power, learning when to take control and when to surrender.
  6. Immersed yourself in the diversity, experiences, and talents of women from other cultures.

Your personal G’WA may be the most important thing you ever do for yourself. And it will pay dividends to those you love around you. You’ll come home a better wife, a better mother, and a better entrepreneur, manager, boss, or employee.

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