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Challenging ? You do not need to be a rockstar athlete to complete this walking adventure! But you should be comfortable walking 4-6 hours per day on varied terrain, including over hills, through water and on rocky paths.


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Tenting, Hotels

Walk Jordan

Trek Paths Cut Thousands of Years Ago

Samantha Plavins of She Walks the Walk at Petra, Jordan.

You know Jordan, even if you don’t think you do. Everyone who’s watched Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade remembers the famous scenes at the end featuring the stone-carved city of Petra. (And if you are of a certain age, you even saw it in the theatre, ahem…) Even seeing pictures of it today fills me with wonder. Visiting Petra was mind-blowing!

As important and ancient as these ruins are, there is so much more to Jordan. The Jordan Trail is one of the world-famous treks through gorgeous rock-cut canyons, across the sands of the North Arab Desert, and through the various wadis (valleys) that make up the Jordan Rift Valley. We’ll follow trade routes established thousands of years ago – part of a larger network that stretches to all points in the Middle East and on to Europe and Asia. And, of course, we’ll have plenty of time to explore the ruins in and around Petra, now a UNESCO World Heritage Centre.

I “road-tested” this trek myself back in October 2022, and I’m excited to share it with you! Despite the dramatic desert and mountain landscapes, the Jordan Trail is relatively easy to trek for those in good shape for long walks. We’ll hike through canyons, over desert, and through rocky valleys. Then, we cap off our journey with a day floating in the Dead Sea. The gentle slopes and well-worn paths are not hard to navigate, so you’ll have lots of opportunity for self-reflection along the 150-odd kilometres (95-odd miles) from Dana to Wadi Rum.

…and of course, that’s what it’s all about, right? She Walks the Walk’s G’WAs are more than just trekking adventures. The guided external experience through Jordan’s unique landscapes are the perfect backdrop for the guided internal journey into you. I’ll be leading some specific activities to help you along your path to self-discovery including optional meditation sessions in the morning, journalling activities in the evening, and other group and one-on-one programming.

I invite you to join us for the adventure your soul is craving!

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Let’s adventure together! Our Walk Jordan G’WA is an extraordinary “inside-out” journey with a limited number of spaces. To hold yours, please complete the fields below and select a date/time for an Introductory Meeting with Sam. This is your chance to ask questions, share some of your self-discovery goals and learn if a Global Walking Adventure is a fit for you.

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    To ensure the most meaningful experience during your G’WA, all prospective participants are required to speak to Sam in advance. Click the link below to schedule your Introductory Meeting. Following the call, your deposit of $995 USD will be due.

    A healing hike in Jordan.

    A little context, though I hesitate to give it. You’re not really here to read about my troubles, right? We all have our own troubles, after all. But ultimately I decided that’s exactly why I should tell you mine, so that maybe you’ll find a path out of or around or over your own life challenges. I don’t claim to have found all the answers, but I did find some important ones a world away along the Jordan Trail.

    So here’s the context. I left for Jordan just thirteen days after losing my dad. No, the word “dad” doesn’t begin to cover it. He was my everything: former business partner of 16 years, mentor, cheerleader, adventure comrade. To say my heart was broken is a gross understatement. I was trashed. But I packed my duffel and poured my grieving self onto a plane bound for Amman. 

    Truthfully, I didn’t want to go. I planned the trip months before when the opportunity came up to explore a new possible G’WA. But now that my life had collapsed around me, I dreaded the thought of doing anything except curling up in a ball under my covers. I did it for him, not for me. More than anything, my dad wanted me to continue my work. I promised him that I would always do my best. Backing out would have felt like letting him down.

    Jordan was a mystery to me, and I had no clue what was in store. This tiny country took me by surprise. 

    When I arrived in Jordan, Intrepid Travel welcomed me with open arms, watery eyes and all. Though I’m not one to bawl in front of others, there were times I was so overcome by the beauty of the landscape I’d instinctively reach for my phone to FaceTime my dad. Then I’d remember, and the tears would flow. Everyone gave me space, and our most excellent guide, Mohammad, always had extra tea for me!  

    Intrepid Travel Jordan FAM, Amman. Photo credit: Carolyn Okon.
    Intrepid Travel Jordan FAM. Photo credit: Carolyn Okon.

    The capital city of Amman drew me in with its artful displays – imagine an entire street lined with hanging umbrellas and mini lights –  and slew of interestingly-clad mannequins. The usual frenetic pace of crowded sidewalks with people selling their wares, but no pressure to purchase anything. I found Jordanians to be curious and warm. “Where you from, habibi?!” And around every corner, a secret staircase beckoning me to explore some inner sanctum. 

    I savoured the foreign taste of legendary Jordanian treats, from falafel and hummus at the world-famous Hashem restaurant to the sweet texture of Knafeh from a cheery street vendor. Cheese, gooey syrup and pistachio? Yalla, yalla!

    I guess you could say that the exoticism and newness of Jordan took me over fairly quickly. My visit to Petra was filled with all the requisite oohing and ahhing, as I broke away from our pack to explore on my own. 

    But my dad was never far. I felt his presence at the Monastery, a thirty-minute walk up a crowded staircase. Sure, it was jammed with tourists. But I found peace on a rock I had all to myself. I smiled – I knew if Dad were there, he’d reference something about Indiana Jones and then shuffle on. He was never big into sitting still. 

    Floating in the Dead Sea took me to the edge of sensation, after which I scrubbed off five layers of skin! I’d never known what it must feel like to be weightless until then. I was disturbed to learn this precious body of water is disappearing at an unimaginable rate. You could see the beaches had been moved and extended year after year. I was comforted to learn that our tour company, Intrepid, was committed to sustainable initiatives only. This meant our time spent frolicking was done in partnership with an organization adhering to strict protocols along with Intrepid’s own desire to educate its clients (and the world) on the disappearing gems around our world. I learned about the politics on either side of the Dead Sea argument, and the importance of its existence to the economy. 

    My heavy heart was grateful for all the distraction Jordan had to offer. I found the biblical sites to be especially comforting – stopping at Mount Nebo, where Moses was shown the Holy Land, gave me chills — but it wasn’t until I hit the rocky road of the Jordan Trail with my friend Julie that I began to let go. We would set off from Little Petra, navigating an unmarked path with our guide (“other” Mohammad!) for five days of adventure. 

    It was here in the wild backyard of Jordan that I let myself feel everything. 

    Sam finds healing on the Jordan Trail.

    Alone, on a jagged outcrop with nothing but the sound of the wind, my dammed up emotions burst in an exquisite moment of healing. I would vacillate between moments of extreme gratitude — insert jump shots and squeals of delight over an unexpected gathering of camels! — and anger over losing my North Star. 

    Julie and I LOVVVVVEEEDDDDD our trek. It was a proper adventure, in every sense of the word. From the splendour of the coloured gorges to the weirdness of those “mushroom” rock formations, we filled our imagination with memories of endless starry skies and baby-soft sand. Walking the 111 kilometres towards the infamous Wadi Rum desert wasn’t easy… but those sunsets made up for our daytime labours. 

    I had myself a moment on top of a large pile of rocks where we watched the sun melt away. It may sound silly, but a horsefly came out of nowhere and sat on my shoulder. It didn’t move… he just stayed there, and continued his visit while I climbed down afterwards. I’d asked for a sign that Dad was still with me. I chuckle a bit now thinking he’d returned in the form of some annoying bug, but I believe that was him. Drinking in the last remnants of sun with his “favourite eldest daughter” (his flouffy nickname for me!). 

    The scar on my heart is still closing, but that’s to be expected. I’m just grateful I didn’t let such a massive loss prevent me from moving forward. I will return to Jordan later this year, and hope to find even more healing in a landscape unlike anything I’ve ever seen. To me, it seems to be the perfect place to find answers. I felt safe, alive, and completely in my element the entire time. 

    If you have answers to find, I hope you come with me. We’ll find them together on the Jordan Trail.

    Your Own Adventure Awaits

    Your Journey

    Julie in the desert along the Jordan Trail

    Global Walking Adventures (GW’As) are more than an epic trekking experience. They are mini-pilgrimages – reflective journeys of self-discovery as you walk alongside like-minded women. The external adventure is exhilarating, of course: walking through smooth rock canyons that tower above you, watching the sunrise over the desert sand, and discovering cities that were cut into cliff walls thousands of years ago…

    But G’WAs are designed to turn you inside-out. Through our guided internal journey, you’ll be looking at yourself – and life – in whole new ways. Transformation is a given when you truly unplug, recharge, and re-evaluate.

    Explore the Wild You

    Here’s what you can expect:

    Walking the sands of the desert in Wadi Rum on the Jordan Trail.

    A Trail that Blends Nature and History. We’re partnered with a local sustainable tourism company who has travelled the Jordan Trail many times before. We’ll follow historic trade routes through stunning desert environments and visit ancient ruins such as the magical city of Petra.

    Rekindle Your Personal Spirituality. Regardless of your religion – or even if you don’t follow a religion – most people feel spiritually moved by the valleys and vistas along the Jordan Trail. And we’re not just talking the biblical spots along the way! There is something about a desert night in Jordan with nothing but stars above you and sand below you that makes you feel both big and small at the same time. It is centring and healing at the same time. That’s why I believe it makes the perfect trek for rediscovering self and finding the big answers in your life.

    Gain Perspective, Camaraderie, and Gratitude. Although the internal journey is often quite personal, doing it together with other women at similar crossroads in life stimulates our own growth and insights. More often than not, we help each other get there either directly or indirectly. I have designed specific programming for us all as well that will help us break down our own preconceptions about what our lives should mean and discover what we really should be doing.

    Delve into Targeted Meditation and Structured Self-evaluation. A G’WA is not just a trek! Walking is so much more for me – it’s a way to work out thoughts and feelings. This is particularly important when we hit a crossroads in life. (You can read about my own personal epiphanies on the Camino de Santiago here.) I help women dig deep into their own psyches through meditation and guided internal reflection. This is the part of the program you won’t find anywhere else and makes this trek through Jordan – and G’WAs in general – so special.

    Carve Out Some “Me” Time. That would be “you” time! A big part of the healing power of G’WAs is that they remove you from the daily grind. You step outside yourself and take a hiatus from your life. That in itself is amazing! But it also gives you the distance to re-evaluate your life and decide what’s working and what isn’t. You might have a huge epiphany or you might finally accept what you knew all along. You might come away with a whole new appreciation for the life you already have, and rekindle the desire to cherish it after a break from the stress. We all have our own answers to discover. Whatever they are, you’ll find them on the Jordan Trail.

    Shenanigans at Wadi Rum on the Jordan Trail

    Things I’ve Learned…

    I’ve learned a few things over the years. About always living up to other people’s ideas of who I should be as a wife, a mother, a daughter, a careerist – as a woman. About the treadmill. About the importance of taking out time for myself.

    Travel gives us the opportunity to literally look at our lives from a new perspective. With time and distance, you can step outside of your life and examine it more objectively. Plus, you’re flooded with new cultures and a new way to look at things. You can’t help but look at your life through a whole new lens. And travelling with someone who’s been there – a career woman who got off the treadmill herself and can guide you to do all the same – makes all the difference.

    That’s what She Walks the Walk and this Global Walking Adventure (G’WA) is all about. If you feel you need change in your life or you are about to make a big life decision or you believe you’re not living up to your potential, then get off your own treadmill and join me. I may not have all the answers you’re looking for, but I can help you find them. And I promise you’ll gain whole new perspectives.

    Sam sitting on a rock at Wadi Rum.

    Let’s chat ahead of time! I’m available for emails and Zoom meetings if you want to learn more about G’WAs and how they can help you. I can answer your practical questions about travelling to this part of the world, and I can help you understand what to expect on your personal journey.

    Trip Itinerary

    Sam at the mouth of a slot canyon in Jordan.

    Trek the famous Jordan Trail! Our 15-day adventure takes us through stunning slot canyons, rocky wadis (valleys), desert sands, and of course the ancient ruins of Petra.

    Day 1 – Arrive in Amman

    Arrive at Amman Airport, where we will meet you, assist with immigration and transfer you to your hotel. Amman is one of the oldest cities in the world, inhabited since the bronze age! The city is growing into a modern metropolis, but retains its character and history. Depending on your time of arrival, you might have a chance to do some exploring on your own. Meet the rest of the team at our Welcome Dinner, where you’ll be briefed on the upcoming adventure.

    Transfer time from QAIA into Amman: Approx. 30min-1hr depending on traffic.

    Samantha Plavins of She Walks the Walk viewing the cityscape of Amman, Jordan.

    Day 2 – Exploring Amman

    After breakfast, spend a full day exploring Amman. We’ll start with the Citadel, where in the Old Testament King David arranged to have his lover’s husband murdered! The Citadel overlooks the amphitheatre and old downtown.

    We’ll head to Jebel Webdeh, the arts and cultural district, passing art galleries, local antiquities and handcraft shops. Enjoy a stroll down the famous Rainbow street, lined with its colourful cafes and artisans, before descending into the heart of the old city, passing Wild Jordan, a division of the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature. Immerse yourself in the tastes of traditional Jordanian cuisine, from falafel and hummus to the Arab delicacy, Kunafah, eaten at times of celebration.

    Day 3 – Amman to Kerak to Dana Village

    Morning pick up from Amman is bright and early, as we head south to Kerak via the King’s Highway, an ancient trade route that connected Africa to Europe and Asia. We’ll stop for a peek inside Kerak Castle, an impressive journey back in time to the architectural and military skills of the Crusaders.

    Our road trip continues along one of the most dramatic and diverse landscapes in the whole region as we approach Dana Village, part of Jordan’s largest nature reserve. Dana Village itself is made up of stone houses that date back to the Ottoman era. Small as this village is, it is the biggest settlement we’ll see until Petra.

    The village of Dana along the Jordan Trail

    Day 4 – Hike Dana to Wadi Malaga

    Our first day on the Jordan Trail! From the irrigated gardens around Dana to the scorching sand dunes of the Great Rift Valley, today’s walk takes you through one of most dramatic and diverse landscapes in the whole region. We begin at Dana, 1200m above sea level, and head west into Dana Valley with our trekking guides. The trail drops steeply at first and then levels into a more gradual descent through the Dana Biosphere Reserve towards the eco-lodge at Feynan. The reserve, Jordan’s largest, includes four distinct bio-geographical zones, home to an astonishing diversity of birds, plants, and animals. On our way down the valley we’re likely to see Griffin Vultures overhead, as well as hyrax and copper-blue lizards on the rocks. If we’re lucky, we might even catch a glimpse of an ibex or desert fox, or see the footprint of a wolf in the dust.

    Hiking Distance: 23.5Km (6-9 Hours) – Level: Challenging to Difficult due to distance.

    Ascend: 251m Descend: 1223m

    Camping alongside the Jordan Trail.

    Day 5 – Wadi Malaga to Ras al Feid

    After a gentle start to the morning, we steadily ascend the southern slopes of Jabal Feid, following Ras Al Feid, a mountain stream that flows continuously all year. As we ascend, we can look west across Wadi Araba with the hills of the holy land once again in the distance. This is a steep and challenging section of the trek, but extremely rewarding, as the track leads up into the mountains through dramatic valley. The views toward the Wadi Araba Desert are breathtaking! We’ll reach camp mid-afternoon in time for some tea and biscuits.

    Hiking Distance: 13.7km – Level: Challenging

    Ascend: 868m Descend: 360m

    Sam following the Jordan Trail.

    Day 6 – Ras Al Faid to Little Petra

    Although our longest distance day, adrenaline will keep us motivated as we follow shepherd trails into the most remote region of Jordan. We pass Roman and Nabatean ruins, relics of this road network’s storied past. A little climb reveals spectacular views of the dark, rugged mountains of this area. Then we’ll descend into more sandstone and interesting rock formations carved over millions of years. Approaching Little Petra, there are signs of increasing human habitation of Bedouin camps, sheep pens, and small agricultural plots. We enter a small sandstone canyon and wind our way through to the site of Beihdah, where nearby a warm welcome awaits.

    Hiking Distance: 26km – Level: Difficult

    Ascend: 1111m Descend: 827m

    Day 7 – Little Petra to Petra

    Our exploration of ancient ruins continue — and it just keeps getting better! Today we’ll enter Petra via ‘The Back Door’ avoiding most of the crowd.

    After breakfast, we start our hike right from the campsite, following the trail down Wadi Ghurab amidst sandstone mountains shrouding our Petra approach in mystery. The footpath follows a Nabataean route out of the valley, skirting round the final mountain on a natural rock terrace, narrowing before a hidden plateau high above the impressive chasm of Wadi Siyyagh. Just beyond, carved into the cliff face, ‘The Monastery’ suddenly comes into view — that famous, elaborate temple carved into rock that for many is the symbol of Jordan!

    For those wanting that iconic photo opp, take an optional detour to hike up the al-Khubtha trail and view the Treasury from above! Short jeep transfer to Little Petra for overngiht.

    Hiking distance: 12.6km (16km including the Khubtha trail). Time: 4-5 Hours
    Hiking level: Moderate

    Day 8 – Petra to Gaa’ Mriebed

    Today’s hike start’s from the Petra visitor’s center. We’ll head out through the Siq for some last minute photo opportunities of the Petra Treasury facade, appearing through the narrow slot canyon. We’ll pass underneath the “High Place of Sacrifice”, the Lion Fountain, Garden Tomb, Skull cave and more! Following an old Roman Road, we head south through the deep canyon cliffs of the Wadi Sabra. A full 11.7km into our hike — far from the main tourist route — we’ll discover yet another site, the Sabra Amphitheater.

    Today is all about the ooohing and ahhhing as the views are unsurpassed; the afternoon is mostly downhill until we arrive in an area called Gaa’ Mriebed.

    Distance: 22.1 km
    Time: 6-8 hours (not including detours) Level: Moderate to Challenging

    Day 9 – Gaa’Mriebed to Wadi al-Saif

    Today is an easier walk along the expansive rocky wadi bed meandering towards Wadi al-Saif. We’ll see oleander plants, large sandstone boulders, and finally a huge cliff of white and red sandstone where Nabataens carved animals including camels, gazelles, and sheep on the top.

    Distance: 14.3 km (4-5 hours) Level: Easy to Moderate

    Day 10 – Wadi al-Saif to Wadi Gseib

    Lots of up and down on the trail today as we dip into valleys and climb over mountain passes. We’ll pass ancient cliff dwellings along our way through stunning and colourful canyons. This route continues south through the stunning wild desert to our campsite near the Jordan Valley.

    Distance: 12.3 km (3 -4.5 hours) Level: Moderate

    Campside along the Jordan Trail

    Day 11 – Wadi Gseib to Wadi Aheimar

    Our last day on this portion of the Jordan Trail offers a wide variety of vistas from mountains in the morning to fun sand dunes later in the day and more striking canyons in between. It’s no wonder National Geographic likes to tout the Jordan Trail as one of the most beautiful hikes in the world! Feel as though you are completely alone in the world while the vast expanse of this desert wraps its arms around you.

    We’ll top off our memorable hike with a scramble up a rock face for a sunset meditation.

    Distance: 15.6 km (5 – 6 hours) Level: Moderate to Challenging

    Day 12 – Wadi Aheimar to Wadi Rum

    After breakfast, we’ll be transferred to the World Heritage Site of Wadi Rum for a thrilling 4-hour Jeep Safari! Scout the wadi’s valleys, canyons, and iconic dunes… If you’ve ever seen The Martian with Matt Damon, you’ll marvel at this otherworldly film location, discovering rock inscriptions, majestic stand alone mountains and narrow gorges. We’ll have the opportunity to hike up and scramble at each of our stops, giving us plenty of time to explore on our own. At sunset, we’ll feel the magic of the desert atop our own personal camel for a 1-hour meander.

    Tonight we’ll ‘glamp’ at one of the most famous Bedouin camps in the area.

    Finding myself at Wadi Rum

    Day 13 – Climb the tallest mountain in Jordan!

    After breakfast, we’ll leave Camp by Jeep driving 1-hour South through fantastic scenery to the foot of Um Ad Dami, the highest peak in Jordan (1800m). The climb generally takes 3 hours round trip from base to summit and back. Take in extraordinary desert views from the top; to the South we’ll see all the way into Saudi Arabia, to the North – Jebel Rum (next to Rum village).

    Return to camp for some personal R & R before our adventures take us back into the far corners of the desert. Following in the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia, we’ll have the chance to climb orange and pink sand dunes and towering rock bridges.

    Day 14 – Relaxing on the Dead Sea

    After breakfast, we set out early morning for a 4-hour drive to the lowest point on earth, the Dead Sea. Time to float in the salty water, relax by the pool, enjoy the sunshine and views while trying out nature’s invigorating mud bath to cleanse the skin. We’ll spend the night at the Precious Jordan Guesthouse, perched atop a hill overlooking the Dead Sea and the scenic land surrounding it. This is the perfect place to relive all of our growth and adventuring throughout these last few weeks in Jordan.

    Day 15 – Homeward Bound

    All good things must come to an end! We’ll say our farewells and make the short trip back to Amman’s Queen Alia International Airport to catch our flights home – or to wherever else your travels may take you.

    The girls in Wadi Rum
    Photo credit: Mohammad Ayasrah


    Your 15-day package includes almost everything during your Jordan G’WA:

    • Transfers to and from the airport in Amman and all transfers in between
    • 14 nights accommodation (hotels, tents, Bedouin camps)
    • 14 Breakfast, 13 lunches, 14 dinners 
    • Summit of Um Ad Dami at 1800 metres (5,905 feet) above sea level
    • English-speaking licensed local guide days 2 – 14
    • Expedition cook, preparing high quality, healthy food 
    • Transportation of personal gear
    • Collective First Aid Kit
    • Accommodation as per itinerary in a double / twin bed room / tent
    • Entrance fees to the sites mentioned in the itinerary (including 2 days in Petra)
    • 4-hour Jeep tour in Wadi Rum on day 12 and 2-hour Jeep tour on day 13
    • Local Bedouin escort hiking days.
    • Donkey as support on days 4, 5 and 6
    • All water during the hike
    • Mattress and blankets provided for the 6 nights in wilderness
    • Snacks and soft drinks during the hike, in restaurants and in hotels
    • Collective visa to Jordan (subject to availability and travel terms of Jordan)
    • Meet & Assist at airport on arrival
    • 1-hour Camel ride in Wadi Rum

    What’s Also Included (That You Won’t Likely Find Elsewhere)

    The inner journey is just as important as the trek itself. I’ll help you identify what led you to this crossroads in your life and what path might be right for you. Here’s what makes G’WAs truly special and much different from basic trekking tours:

    • Pre-G’WA preparation via Zoom to establish your personal goals
    • Daily meditation to start our morning
    • ‘Halfway’ Workshop to assess and reflect on the learnings thus far
    • Guided introspection on your personal inner journey
    • Post-trip follow-up on your G’WA learnings
    • Priceless personal revelations and lifelong connections with new friends
    • Complimentary membership in our SWTW Private Community
    • Little things that make a big difference

    What’s Not Included

    • Flight to / from Amman
    • Cancellation / Interruption /  Luggage Loss / Emergency Travel insurance (required)
    • Incidentals outside of the itinerary (souvenirs, alcohol, etc)
    • Gratuities for Guides*
    • Any PCR or Antigen testing required to be carried out pre or post-journey
    • Taxis or other travel arrangements made outside of the tour itinerary
    • Visas, if required (For the most up-to-date information, please see): https://travel.gc.ca/destinations/jordan#entryexit

    Entry requirements can change quickly. Please consult the following websites prior to travel to ensure you are current with any restrictions:




    *Tips are part of Jordan’s culture. Amounts will vary according to the itinerary and the duration, and everyone participates according to their own satisfaction. As a general rule, you may wish to allocate $200USD in cash towards this.

    Little Things, Big Difference

    Sam crossing a stream on a donkey

    Isn’t it often the little things in life that make the biggest difference? On a She Walks the Walk G’WA, many of the activities scheduled – such as meditation and group discussions – are about the inner journey you will take. These expeditions are as much about exploring the wild you as they are about trekking the wild terrain. Self-discovery is the main goal of every G’WA.

    Our G’WAs include a number of special touches that we believe set us apart from most other guided tours. We want to create a worry-free atmosphere so that you can set yourself up for an optimal personal growth experience:

    • We want you to unplug, but recognize you’d appreciate a lifeline back home. That’s why we provide all clients with a local SIM card so you’re connected when needed.
    • Do you have anxieties about walking the terrain? I’ve been there. I almost succumbed to a foot injury at the start of a Moroccan adventure. But an extra mule saved me. “Mule” was his name, and after a few days off my feet, I was back in business! We will have a donkey on standby for days 4, 5 and 6 of the trek. 
    • Pre-travel angst is especially common following the chaos of COVID-19. We help alleviate that anxiety. All confirmed G’WA participants receive a one-on-one call with Sam (phone or Zoom), one month in advance of departure. Nothing beats talking with someone who understands the world of travel insurance, who has stickhandled COVID-specific policies firsthand – not to mention someone who knows the itinerary intimately. We can discuss any aspect of the trek you like so you can go prepared.
    • We also recognize the importance of showing cultural respect and will furnish each client with a Cheat Sheet featuring key phrases in Arabic before we leave. This will help you develop relationships with the people we’ll meet, including many of the local Bedouins who do not usually speak English. 

    Finally, our Post-G’WA Follow-up is something you won’t find anywhere else. We call the process of returning home “Re-Entry” and it starts the moment you board your flight. It can be overwhelming to get back to the grind; or maybe, you’ve made some decisions on your G’WA?! Myself and our community of fellow walkers will support you through what you’ve learned so you can apply it to your everyday life.


    She Walks the Walk’s Global Walking Adventures are partly about absorbing the local flavour and culture. That’s why we stay at local accommodations that are clean, safe, sustainable and friendly. Our Jordan G’WA is primarily a hiking expedition involving wild camping and stays in local Bedouin camps. However, we’ve built in two memorable stays in boutique-style guesthouses as book-ends on both sides of your adventure.

    All tents are high-quality, designed to sustain the elements of heat and wind, and suitable for double occupancy. Solo guests who are willing to share with a roommate do not have to pay a single supplement. Solo travellers who prefer single rooms throughout their trip pay our “requested single” fee.

    Julie at a campsite along the Jordan Trail

    Dates & Prices

    2023 Dates & Prices for our 15-Day Jordan G’WA

    DatePriceDepositSingle SupplementMinimum to ‘GO’
    Oct 8th – 22nd$5,500 / person$995 / person$475 / person4 clients

    Prices are based on double occupancy in USD and do not include international airfare to/from your destination. Should you wish to stay on your own at any of our encampments or in the hotels, Single Accommmodation is possible, subject to availability and on request with our Single Supplement fee. All prices are subject to change. See terms and conditions for this trip for more information.

    Getting out of the sun at the Wadi Rum encampment


    Sam on a sand dune

    You may be wondering if you can do this… She Walks the Walk Global Walking Adventures (G’WAs) are not for everyone. We know that most women would be up for a self-discovery adventure, given the right opportunity. However, the reality of walking multiple challenging kilometres every day requires a fitness level I describe as “active”. This does not mean (by far!) that you need to be a tri-athlete or take a boot camp to get you whipped into shape.

    On that note, I should also stress that if you are a triathlete or hard-core trekker, this adventure may not be for you either. We encourage all women to travel at their own pace – and that pace tends to be slower than what many experienced trekkers are used to. 

    Anyone comfortable on longer hikes – either urban walking or out on the trails – should be able to manage this trek. But given the rugged landscape, it will stretch you at times! Some of the early legs of this journey involve very long days where you must be comfortable walking 22+ kms (13 miles) while ascending and descending throughout the route.

    Sam and Ali, a guide along the Jordan Trail

    Walking won’t be our only challenge on this journey. The regional daily temperature highs near Petra at this time of year can hover over 32 degrees Celsius (90 degrees F).

    You also must be comfortable getting uncomfortable with things like toileting in the wild, and sleeping in the desert with a howling wind whipping your tent around like a dishcloth.

    G’WAs are designed to be challenging, but not extreme for the average active person!

    If you have any questions or concerns about the trek and your abilities, let’s talk! I can answer your questions and help you assess if this is the right journey for you.

    This DJ Takes Requests…

    If you are looking for a Global Walking Adventure that is less active, drop me a line! I am always on the lookout for new and exciting walking adventures. I’m willing to look at options if the interest is there.

    Special thanks to Julie Carcaud for her use of impressive imagery taken in Jordan, October 2022.

    What to Bring

    Like many, I subscribe to the “Pack Light” philosophy. However, we all have our attachments to specifics we’d classify as “unnecessary” but “so very necessary!” For our G’WAs, we encourage you to stick to the basics as much as possible. The below list is based on years of collective trekking experience, along with a nod to the climate, terrain and length of the G’WA for Jordan. Bear in mind that the majority of your gear will be transported each day. You’ll be required to carry your own water, sunscreen, and layers in a comfortable daypack. 

    Download Packing List

    You’ll want to be prepared for a vast range of temperatures, from -5 degrees Celsius (23F) to 35C (95F).

    Meet the Team

    Samantha Plavins

    Samantha (Sam) Plavins, life-long adventurer.

    Sam Plavins is a former financial service advisor who got off the treadmill to pursue her own passions. She believes we should not be afraid to question the path we’ve taken. Or society’s version of who we ought to be.

    A life-long adventurer, Sam has travelled the world with her family and on solo adventures. She started “She Walks the Walk” as a way to help other women at crossroads find more meaning and purpose in their lives. Sam lives with her family in Thunder Bay, Canada, and when she’s not out walking, she’s writing her book or looking for her lost cell phone. Sam speaks English, French and German.

    Read more about Sam here.

    Julie Carcaud 

    Originally from Paris, France, Julie Carcaud has the same travelling spirit that Sam has. Her mantra is “C’est juste la”, which roughly translates to “It’s just around the corner…” It’s a mantra that she says will guide the second part of her life, now that she has passed 50. After she and her husband raised two incredible boys who have now flown the nest, Julie is ready to journey on a new road ahead. 

    Julie worked in Paris in the communications department of a large international service group until her husband’s job took the family to Morocco. During their 11-year stay, the family trekked the country exploring its cities and villages, its deserts and mountains, its culture and food. While working for a publishing house in Casablanca, she published her own book based on these adventures called “Street Food in Morocco: An Authentic Taste” with co-author Asmaa Chaidi and photographer Cécile Tréal.

    Besides Morocco, Julie has also travelled to Central America, Indonesia, Australia, and other countries – always with a pack on her back and good shoes on her feet. She first met Sam on the roads of Peru and found they shared a similar outlook on life. She trekked the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco in September 2021 and a portion of the Jordan Trail in October 2022, both with Sam.

    Julie shares her adventures with her family in her blog, On the Treq Again. (onthetreqagain.com) She will be an invaluable team member and free spirit on our Jordan G’WA, helping Sam as Cultural Liason. Julie speaks English, French, Spanish and some Arabic.

    Booking Process

    Your She Walks the Walk Global Walking Adventure is confirmed once the following conditions have been met: 

    • A mutually satisfactory “Introduction Meeting” with Samantha Plavins
    • Payment of the deposit
    • Completion of our Registration Package
    • Execution of the SWTW Terms and Conditions including the SWTW Travel Policy

    FAQs & Terms


    What is the weather like?

    October is the most ideal time to visit Jordan, being especially kind for hikers!  The country will typically experience its first rainfall during this time and the place starts to bloom up. Temperatures can run between a minimum of 20 degrees Celsius (68F) and upwards of 30 degrees Celsius (89F) in some parts of the desert. We would expect mostly clear skies, but it could rain (though usually this is for a short time only). Sunscreen, a sun hat and reliable rain gear are important.

    Is Jordan safe?

    It is helpful to know that a large number of solo female travellers visit Jordan each year! And most of these visits are problem-free. However, to increase your personal confidence, we recommend spending some time understanding the country's culture, religion and traditions prior to arrival. This includes having an awareness of appropriate attire, potential challenges you may face while visiting and attitudes in general towards women. The question we get most often is about what to wear! And generally speaking, when compared to neighbouring countries, Jordan is fairly relaxed when it comes to clothing. That said the dress codes are still considered strict when you compare them to many Western countries. Jordan is a very religious country and the majority of citizens are Muslim. With that in mind, we'll be providing a "Jordan-101" Webinar in advance of our G'WA to address your questions.

    What about currency?

    The currency in Jordan is the Jordanian dinar. It is the official legal tender in Jordan, which means it is officially recognized by the Jordanian government. No other currency is officially accepted in Jordan. Major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, and Amex are accepted in Jordan, especially at shops and restaurants. Debit cards linked to your bank account are also widely accepted. We recommend converting some of your local currency to smaller JOD prior to departure (must usually be ordered well in advance with your bank) or on arrival at the airport. (Though conversion fees tend to be high there.) Here's some interesting monetary mambo-jumbo that may surprise you. As far as conversion goes, the dinar is considered to be one of the strongest currencies in the Middle East. For one, the dinar is pegged against the USD! And the country benefits from a low inflation rate, a supportive banking sector, and a well-managed foreign exchange system. Jordan is typically considered one of the more "expensive" countries in the Middle East.

    How will I charge my electronics?

    During our 8-Day Jordan Trail trek, you should not expect to have much access to electronic charging. After leaving Amman on Day 3 with your fully charged devices, our next decent charging opportunity will be at the Bedouin Camp in Little Petra on Day 7. You can charge your devices there until around 10pm when the camp turns the generator off for the night. If you want extended access to electronic devices, we recommend bringing a reliable battery pack or solar recharging device.

    How much should my backpack weigh? What about my expedition duffel?

    Your expedition bag will be transferred from camp-to-camp each day, and it should not weigh more than 30lbs.  You should be prepared to carry a daypack that weighs anywhere from 8-12 pounds. Your daypack will contain drinking water (bear in mind that every litre of water weighs 2.2lbs, and you will be carrying a minimum of 3Ls/water at a time), sun protection and your lunch, along with any photography equipment you wish to carry.

    How long will I have to go without a shower?

    This is a proper adventure where you'll be required to go a number of days without a shower! And while we will have access to more basic shower facilities on the trek (at our Rummana camp there are shared showers and toilets), the water may not always be hot and we'll be asking you to keep your shower time to a minimum (Jordan has a severe water crisis on its hands). When sleeping in any of our wilderness camps, a ‘wash room’ tent and toilet tent will be set up at each overnight location. These are basic facilities, but allow privacy to wash and use the bathroom. In Little Petra, our camping will be notched up to more deluxe style tents with private showers and toilets.

    Do I need a travel visa?

    Visitors from all countries require a passport (valid for a minimum of six months following departure date) and visa to enter Jordan. However, we will provide our group with a collective travel visa as part of our Manifest. Note that this is subject to change and requires all participant passport information a minimum 14-days in advance of arrival.

    What is the food like?

    Jordanian food is sure to satisfy... Think hummus, falafel and shawarma! Along the Jordan Trail, our camp cooks prepare fresh meals with an emphasis on healthy, local cuisine with locally sourced ingredients. Lunches are usually packed and carried with us. You are welcome to bring any of your own favourite snacks but rest assured, you will be well-fed on this adventure!

    What is up with the water situation?

    Jordan has a simultaneous dual crisis unfolding: a rampant plastic pollution alongside a critical shortage of water. SWTW is extremely concerned! During our scouting expedition in the fall of 2022, we were shocked at the volume of bottled water we saw in circulation, driven mainly by the tourism and out-of-home sector. The problems here are aggravated by a structural lack of recycling options. The kingdom is struggling. Plastic is strewn all over the country, even in the most remote corners of the desert. As we do not recommend you drink the tap water, we'll be supplying all your water needs throughout the adventure. We will require you to bring your own purification tablets. Part of our mission is to work with organizations who share our values when it comes to limiting the carbon footprint. We'll be providing more detailed information on this as our adventure draws closer.

    I’m still nervous about the physicality. How fit should I be?

    This is an 8-day trek with multiple days covering substantial kilometers (22-24kms, or 13-14 miles).  That is eight days in a row with 5-7 hour hikes. You should be reasonably fit to be able to enjoy this hike. Prior trekking experience is unnecessary, but I always recommend that you feel confident in your abilities to put in this kind of mileage. Build up your hiking endurance in advance of this adventure. You can always Contact Me with any questions you have.

    What languages do they speak in Jordan?

    Arabic is the primary language spoken in Jordan, with English widely known in the larger cities like Amman. We'll have an English-speaking licensed guide with us throughout our Trek, but our local "navigation guide" is likely to speak more basic English. We'll provide you with an Arabic "Cheat Sheet" on arrival so that you're armed with some useful phrases.

    What happens if I can’t finish the walk due to injury or sickness?

    Evacuation from the Jordan Trail is a possibility you should consider. Broken legs, bee stings, you name it — sometimes life will throw you a curveball! We do not take risks lightly, which is why all participants are required to carry Emergency Travel Insurance. We can assist you to ensure you purchase appropriate and reliable protection, just in case. This is Sam’s area of expertise, and while we don’t anticipate any issues, insurance is a hard requirement.

    Do I have to share a tent with someone?

    Our expedition is designed with double occupancy in mind. This is to your benefit... There is nothing quite like the camaraderie of sharing a tent with a new friend after hiking miles and miles each day! Our tents are spacious enough to accommodate two people quite easily. Of course, if you'd like your own tent, and also your own hotel room on the adventure, we offer this (subject to availability and with notice) for our Single Supplementary rate of $475.

    What happens if I’m slow?

    Ahh, this famous question. I understand, as I am the turtle! Do not be concerned with your pacing or speed. Everyone moves at their own rhythm. Sufficient rest stops and breaks are built into our program; and this is by no means a race, nor a death march! The entire point of the G’WA is to slow down, take note of the varying landscape, to breathe in the fresh air, and to turn inward. There is no hurrying required. Chances are, I will be the one bringing up the rear!

    What about jet lag?

    Jet lag is a real thing! It can wipe you out both mentally and physically. Fortunately, the real challenge for this adventure doesn't begin until Day 4. By this time, you should be more than adjusted to the clock in Jordan. Some clients will build in an extra day on the front end just to be fresh, but the way our Itinerary is designed, it is unnecessary. Note that Jordan is currently +7 hours ahead of the Eastern Time Zone.

    Terms & Conditions

    We do not believe in mollycoddling our clients. You’re a grown woman. And you get that travelling to the other side of the world presents some new challenges.

    You must be prepared to accept the risks, both known and unknown, of your Global Walking Adventure. The following policy provisions form part of the SWTW Terms and Conditions and will apply to all services being provided to you and your participation in a G’WA with us. Please read this policy very carefully as you will need to sign off on it in order to participate.

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