Walk your own road to happiness.

Stop talking. Start dreaming. And do the thing!

Hi, I’m Sam. Mom + Wife. Former Career Girl. Self-Rediscoverer.

Live an inspired life.

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Get off the damn treadmill!

She Walks the Walk is a movement born partly out of rebellion and partly out of necessity. Women have fought hard to “have it all”. Now, many of us do. Careers, the dream house, kids and carpools and SUVs — but our lives are full-tilt crazy! We’ve followed the formula we were fed as little girls. Until now, we haven’t stopped to ask ourselves: Is this who I really am?

My fellow disillusioned sisters, it’s time to wake the f*** up! We’ve been given a map to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Except that like real rainbows, there is no end. We are on an ever-turning treadmill with a dangling carrot to keep us moving in a single direction. And not even in a direction we chose.

Stop chasing society’s ideas of who you should be.

It’s time we examined what it is we really want. Even if that challenges the status quo. We’ve worked our asses off. We deserve to be happy. Don’t you think? The answers we find might be uncomfortable at first – change often is. But I truly believe that if we take a good look at ourselves and listen to those little voices inside us all, we’ll get off the treadmill and all be happier in the long run.

Am I happy?
Is this the life that I really want?
Can I find what’s missing in my life – and build the courage to grab it?

We’re giving away every little piece of ourselves, and it’s starting to show.

Women today are pulled in a hundred different directions with the expectation to nail it all. And we do. Damn, girl, do we ever!

We show up to nurture and support our aging and vulnerable parents. We help our kids through battles we have no clue how to navigate (WTF is a Discord Server?). We’re there for our best friend when she leaves that toxic relationship. We give that extra push at work, even when it’s not noticed. Everything we touch has that extra ‘something something’ — an expression of how deeply we care.

But listen — there is another way forward. There is a way to support and nurture our loved ones while still keeping some of our pieces intact.

“Don’t compromise yourself.
You’re all you’ve got.”

— Janis Joplin

For years, I felt just like you. Burnt-out. Resentful. In disbelief. I had everything I convinced myself a “modern woman” should have. But at what cost? I literally got sick and tired. I even had a nervous breakdown at age 27.

So, I decided to do something about it. I started to walk my own road to happiness. I discovered that being true to myself was vital to my growth, my purpose, and the peace I craved.

Most recently, it took the form of a little 800-kilometre pilgrimage. In another country. By myself. No kids, no husband, no work. Walking the Camino de Santiago gave me the space to think and dream. The walk came at a particularly crucial point of my life, and I returned certain of changes I needed to make.

I knew I couldn’t waste another moment not being the woman I rediscovered.

I also learned that your journey doesn’t have to begin on the Camino. It can start on the back roads around your town, your city streets, or your favourite hiking trail. I know, because that’s where I’m walking right now. Don’t get me wrong – walking the Camino helped me come to realizations I probably wouldn’t have walking roads closer to home. But it’s like exercise – a little bit is better than none at all. SWTW will help you rediscover your personal truth, and build the courage to transform yourself into the woman you want to be. So, join me! Wherever you are in the world. Let’s walk the walk together. Your own road to happiness.

Who will SWTW benefit most?

Women who feel that something needs to change (but don’t necessarily know what).

Women who are mid-career.

Women who typically excel at everything they do but feel they’re belly-flopping at life!

Women who can laugh at themselves.

Women who are willing to challenge their physical and mental comfort zones.

Women who are curious about other cultures and open to learning from them.

Who won’t benefit from SWTW?

Women who have their lives locked, loaded, and 100% sorted. You go, girl!

Women who give up easily.

Women who are not willing to look at themselves honestly and take responsibility for their choices in life.

Women who prefer certainty over possibility.

Women who blame others for all the problems in their lives.

Women who will simply not commit to their own growth.

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Do you feel stuck on an ever-turning treadmill? You just might resonate with this freebie. Enter your email for a FREE download of the SWTW Credo to inspire you every day.