‘Top of the Giant’ Hike

Knocking one off the bucket list! The iconic 24-km 'Top of the Giant' hike rewards you with killer views of Lake Superior and butt-clenching exposure. I yanked my daughter Piper away from her screens long enough to make some precious memories.

Leaving my career: Post-Camino changes

This post is a series of mini vlogs documenting my transition out of a 16-year career in Finance. I'm leaving the path of certainty and security for the one unknown; so grateful to the Camino for guiding me towards this step.

SWTW: the rant

Recorded this June on a walk in my 'hood. So much was on my mind, I decided to get super truthy and put it all out there. Most of this delves into my WHY for She Walks the Walk, especially that bloody treadmill we find ourselves on.

Elfin Lakes, B.C. backcountry hike

Two sisters bumble through their first backcountry hiking experience! BC Parks had just opened up their campsites and we scored one with very little time to prep. This is a tale of making memories and seizing the freaking day.

Camino Frances, Day 1

Day 1 of 33, walking my pilgrimage on Spain's 800-km long Camino de Santiago. With each passing day, my body grew stronger, my resolve deeper and my heart opened. My Camino vlog is a personal account of transformation.

Camino Frances, Day 4

Best day yet! Left Pamplona at 7:30 am and walked 25 km to Puente la Reina. Feeling so blessed to have this experience. If you’re on the fence with taking an adventure of this nature Just. Don’t. Wait.

Camino Frances, Day 15

I'm fully ensconced in pilgrim life and now have a tribe! Not always walking together but finding each other throughout the day. Our plan to get to Frómista  was thwarted when we learned the entire city was booked up. Thankfully, a miraculous “oasis” Albergue appeared.

Camino Frances, Day 25

How is it possible to laugh this much? We spent the day giggling our way through picturesque towns and alpine villages. A proper girls day out with tribe members Karina and Liz. Hard to believe we put in 32 km.

Final Day: Camino de Santiago

On June 1st, 2019, I walked into the iconic square at Santiago de Compostela feeling an overwhelming sense of euphoria. I melted into a puddle of tears. It’s been 33 days of growth, joy, pain, discomfort, wonder and inspiration. I will miss this.

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